Immune Booster


A natural, daily immune boost supplement that helps defend the body against virus attachment and helps regulate virus reproduction with Humic Acid and L-lysine.


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How Immune Booster (AVD) Works*

BIO-ACTIVE CELL MEMBRANE IMMUNE BOOSTER is dietary supplement that supports the body’s own defence mechanisms against multiple viruses, such as the cold sore, herpes simplex viruses, and influenza viruses. The naturally occurring ingredients, attach to human host cells and help regulate virus reproduction within the body.

It is important to know that viruses are not diseases, they are simply biological organisms. Viruses cannot reproduce on their own, so must find hosts such as human cells in order to reproduce. BIO-ACTIVE CELL MEMBRANE IMMUNE BOOSTER is not used to treat, cure, or as a diagnostic tool to prevent any virus or any disease; it works by blocking the ability of viruses to attach to human host cells.

The primary ingredient – Humic Acid – works by ‘coating’ the protein membrane of virus organisms rendering them unavailable to attach to a human host cell. If a virus cannot attach to a host cell, it cannot reproduce.

L-lysine** is an essential amino acid that helps counter the levels and effects of another amino acid in the body – L-arginine, which assists viruses to replicate.

There is more than 60 years of scientific studies and clinical research showing that Humic Acid is a natural virus attachment inhibitor and virus reproduction regulator.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: This product was developed after many years of research and formulation, and has been used by thousands of customers for more than 10 years. Any other subtext or assumptions taken from this information is incorrect, uninformed, and not our intention. See our FDA Disclosure Statement.

**Vegan Food Sources of Lysine – quinoa, tempeh, tofu, legumes, and soy milk.


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